About us

Hola, Hi and Hello,

We are Danielle and Michel and together with our friendly labrador Lucy (Lucita) we moved in 2020 from bustling Rotterdam to the picturesque mountain village of Almáchar in the Axarquía region east of Málaga. This part of Spain has stolen our hearts.

From 2007 to 2020 we had an art gallery in Australian Aboriginal art in Rotterdam. A particularly beautiful time and from there our online gallery Maliyaa Australian Aboriginal Art was created, where we sell Aboriginal art worldwide.

Aborginal art is a very important part of our lives and it is therefore not surprising that Casa Maliyaa is dedicated to this special art.

For the Aborigines, the connection with the land and the animals is very important. The works of art are mostly maps and tell the ancient stories of the ancestors. In the Spanish countryside you also see the connection with the land and the changes of the seasons. The sometimes ancient techniques, the conservation of water and the care for their animals and the land. Much knowledge is passed on from parent to child.

From our many travels in Australia, the idea arose to find the relaxed way of life that appealed to us so much in Spain. The favorable climate and 300 days of sunshine a year are wonderful and never boring.

In nature, the rugged landscape and the colours of Andalusia, we see many similarities with the outback of Australia. We felt right at home. Our love for Aboriginal art and the beauty of Andalusia brings these two worlds together beautifully.

Come and enjoy this special part of Spain and our beautiful art.

Hasta pronto!